30 September 2014


Hey dear,

I have discovered something new. The Dr. Oetker's "cups cakes" ("Tassen Küchlein"). To bake a cake is very easy and really fast. All you need is the mixture, milk, a cup and a microwave. It takes about 1 minute. Ready! 
What do you think about the "new cake age"? Do you like it?


After the microwave.

29 September 2014

Beauty │ iWhite - Instant Teeth Whitening

Hey Beauties,

In the coming days, I will test the iWhite tooth whitening product and will make a conclusion to it.
The price is about 35 EUR and you can buy it in Germany only in pharmacies.
The product lasts for 5 days. There are 10 tracks. It should lighten up you teeth instantly, gentle and up to 8 nuances.

So let's start...

Information: http://www.iwhiteinstant.com/de-at/iwhite-instant

26 September 2014


My Birthday was great! I got so many presents from my family and friends. I'm very thankful. 

Ring from Emporio Armani.

So lovely!

I love presents not only on my birthday. Unpacking the presents is a great feeling full of emotions. 

23 September 2014

OOTD │ Brown

Im Folgenden seht ihr mein Tagesoutfit, welches ich heute in der Uni getragen habe. Das Wetter ist heute schon ziemlich herbstlich. Es regnet und es ist kalt. Daher habe ich darauf geachtet, etwas zu tragen, das sowohl für den Innenbereich als auch outdoor geeignet ist. 
Das Ergebnis? Seht selbst:

Mein Outfit im Detail:

  • Braune Stoffhose
  • Dünner schwarzer Pulli: C&A
  • Schal: New Yorker
  • Gürtel: No Name
  • Schuhe: S.Oliver

Last but not least - Schmuck:

  • Michael Kors
  • Fossil

21 September 2014

O'zapft is!

Yesterday, the 181. Oktoberfest has begun. Yippie! The Oktoberfest is this year from 20th September to 05th October.
What's new?
New rides: "Encounter" and "Big Bamboo". 
Oide Wiesn: "Evergreen", "Märchen-Hängekarussel" and the historical "Schiessbude mit mechanischen Scheiben". 
Tents: The "Marstell" replaces the prominent "Hippodrom". The "Kalbskuchl" is replaced by "Kalbsbraterei". I'm very excited about these changes.

Who of you visits the Oktoberfest this year?
How are you dressed?

My "dirndl":

#ozapftis #wiesn2014 #oktoberfest2014 #munich

16 September 2014


As for the weather, a little taste of the upcoming season. Right now, many search for mushrooms in the forests.

Swabian spaetzle, white mushrooms and medallion of turkey hen.

Natürlich darf auch die passende Dekoration nicht fehlen. Hier eine kleine Inspiration:
Was fällt euch zum Thema Herbst ein?


14 September 2014

First Post.

I welcome you on my new blog. In the coming posts I 'll share with you everything imaginable, what interests me.
I hope you follow me and become a part of this project .
I am open and grateful for suggestions from you.
Tatjana Svenja
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